SaaS based e-commerce shop framework

GAMB.red is a scalable and white label ready SaaS based e-commerce shop framework. Our intuitive solution permits you to enable merchants to have a profesional and scalable online shop storefront. You can create a multilanguage store in less then 30 minutes.
GAMB.red includes state of the art technology. Over 140 payment gateways, dynamic responsive themes and an intuitive API permit maximum flexibility for you and your merchants. The open architecture interacts seamlessly with our marketplace aggregator GAMB.green and marketplace framework GAMB.blue.
Empower your merchant base. Provide them with the tools they need to grow. Create new revenue streams. Become an innovation leader.
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Ligera, rápida y estable. Se manejan 10.000 solicitudes simultáneas, incluso en hardware de bajo nivel sin incidencias de rendimiento. Desarrollo JAVA 100% propio y control total de todos los recursos. Uso de servidor NIO incrustado, que permite una sencilla instalación en cualquier tipo de servidor. No requiere ninguna aplicación de servidor. Huella digital por instancia de tienda permite atender manejos rápidos sin pérdida de rendimiento. Fácil despliegue de nuevos lanzamientos en todas las instancias de tienda. La extracción de tienda permite sacar del sistema cualquier instancia de tienda y funcionar como una solución empresarial autónoma. Preparada para marca blanca. Probado modelo de negocio como marca blanca.

Create reach and sell on over 50 marketplaces.

Marketplaces are important channels to generate sales. However, the operational implications of maintaining content and data on many marketplace interfaces,  is very time consuming for merchants. Merchants therefor focus on managing just 1 or 2 of the big marketplaces, neglecting the potential of all the other marketplaces that could list and promote their products.
GAMB.green is the game changer for this. With GAMB.green a merchant can list products on over 50 marketplaces worldwide. GAMB.green autotranslates the products, converts the currency automatically and pushes a stocks and availability with one simple click. Generated orders are streamlined back into GAMB.greens admin interface, permitting the merchant to easily fulfill orders from any marketplace through one single interface.
GAMB.green can be used as a stand-alone product or act as an intermediary layer between existing shop solutions and marketplaces. The framework is white label ready.
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